Membership Information


The Refractories Institute offers three categories of membership. Active memberships are available to companies directly involved in the manufacture of refractories in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Latin America. Dues are assessed based on annual sales of refractories and refractory products according to a graduated scale. Active members must have a manufacturing facility in the Western Hemisphere.

Suppliers of raw materials, equipment, and services to refractories manufacturers are eligible for an Associate membership in the Institute. Associate member dues are assessed based on annual sales of materials and products to the refractories industry. Associate members receive all services available to Active members, but they may not serve on the Board of Directors (except for the Chairman of the Associates Advisory Committee) or vote on Institute policy. They do have voting privileges on standing committees. Associate memberships are available to companies world-wide.

Contractors and Installers became eligible for Institute membership in 1996. Like Associate members, Contractor and Installer members may participate and vote on TRI committees, but do not have a vote on Institute policy matters. Effective January 1, 2001 dues are assessed at a flat rate for this membership category.

Manufacturers of refractory products headquartered outside North America, with no manufacturing facilities in North America, or distributors of refractory products in North America who do not manufacture refractory products, are eligible for Affiliate Membership in The Refractories Institute. Affilate members are may attend TRI meetings but would not participate in activities such as the Institute’s government relations programs or other areas which specifically relate to North American manufacturers.