Riverside Refractories, Inc.
201 Truss Ferry Road
Pell City, AL 35125
Phone: (205) 338-3366
Fax:     (205) 338-7456;     (205) 338-6606

Riverside Refractories, incorporated in 1948, began as a supplier of high silica clay to selected markets, providing a product of significant value to its customers. Originally the product was mined and shipped in crude form to the steel manufacturers and foundries of the southeastern United States. Today, Riverside continues to offer the same value to its customers. Through its continued investment in research and product development, Riverside has upgraded and expanded its product line and is committed to providing the leading refractory product and application technology for its customers.

The development of low cement and no cement castables, alumina and silica Blast Furnace taphole clays, and Blastkast® shotcrete technology, has helped Riverside continue to offer its markets the products which help improve their productivity and lower their costs. With the addition of a precast shape facility which produces dried and fired shapes, Riverside offers a complete line of refractory products for its markets.

In addition to quality products, Riverside offers a professional installation group which uses the latest equipment and techniques for making repairs or new construction. With the technical assistance of our engineering department, most all refractory repairs and installations can be handled efficiently and effectively. The company received ISO 9002 accreditation in January 1997. Sales have grown an average of 10% through the 1990s. Canadian plant and offices provide a presence in the Canadian and Great Lakes market.

John C. Morris, Jr., President
William Morris, Vice President, Operations
Mike Alexander, Vice President, Research
Bob Kuhn, Vice President, Sales
Lee Morris, Vice President, Industrial Sales/Service
Dan Merryman, Vice President, Finance
Jay P. Willi, Director of Quality Assurance
Edward Morris, Vice President, Purchasing
Rick Grigg, General Manager, Canadian Division

Plant Locations:
Pell City, AL; Nanticoke, Ontario, Canada

Research Locations:
Pell City, AL

Laboratory Locations:
Nanticoke, Ontario, Canada

Sales Locations:
Griffith, IN; Nanticoke, Ontario, Canada